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Field Trip to Koperasi Kasih Indonesia

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In the last few months, I’ve been participating in Young Leaders for Indonesia, an initiative program from McKinsey Indonesia to give back to Indonesian community. One of its activities is Breakthrough Leadership Program. The participants were divided into groups, and each group was given a project. My group got a project with Koperasi Kasih Indonesia (KKI). KKI is a co-operation, which has vision to empower millions of poor Indonesian to exit poverty sustainably! To achieve their vision, KKI has three programs, which are education, savings, and loan.

Before my group started to dive into the project, we agreed to have field trip to KKI. A couple weeks ago, we visited Koperasi Kasih Indonesia (KKI), which is located in Cilincing, North Jakarta. Cilincing is one of the poorest sub-districts (‘kecamatan’) in Jakarta. That’s my first time visiting North Jakarta and it’s look like a movie. There’s an infrastructure development near Priok Harbor. The street’s very narrow with potholes everywhere. I couldn’t believe that I was in Jakarta.

When we arrived at Koperasi Kasih Indonesia’s office, the weekly meeting had already begun. Mr. Ferry Setiawan as a Branch Manager led the weekly meeting, and there were about 7 – 10 field personnel. They reported their performance by speaking loudly. They also explained what kind of problems they encountered with and they need to come up with solutions.

After Ravio and Gabriel came, Mr. Leon introduced us with KKI team. After that we had a discussion with Mr. Leon to know more about KKI.  At noon, after we had eaten our ‘Nasi Padang’, we were separated into four different groups. I was matched with Ms. Lucyana (COO of KKI, Branch Manager I). At first we went to a small house, not really far from KKI office (approx. 5 minutes by taking motorcycle). I was surprised that there were approximately 15 – 20 ‘ibu-ibu’ were waiting us. And what made it more surprising were they must went to a small room. It’s very crowded, I couldn’t even breathe. Ms. Lucyana told me it’s ‘Pencairan’ session.



We started the session by praying. After that she told the ‘ibu-ibu’ the agenda for that day. Some of them were very exciting, the others just look like didn’t really care as long as they got the money. After that, Ms. Lucyana led yells and the ‘ibu-ibu’ followed her. It’s very exciting to see the yells. It’s like there’s a hope in their eyes. Before Ms. Lucyana passed the money to everybody in there, she held an exam! She asked a lot of questions, such as the procedure of taking loan, KKI’s vision, how much they should pay the loan weekly, etc. She made sure that everyone understood the rules. After she’s sure enough that they understood, Ms. Lucy gave the loan to everyone. The most interesting part was here. She gave the loan with some prayers that she hope the client’s business would go well, the client would be diligent to save money, and one day the client would exit poverty permanently.

Yelling - "Kami pasti, pasti, pasti BISA!"

Yelling – “Kami pasti, pasti, pasti BISA!”

I interviewed one of them, Bu Hamzah. She has already joined KKI for 6 periods. Every period is 25 weeks. She was very thankful to KKI. Even though she was a widow and didn’t have anything, KKI still want to give her a loan. And until now, she’s still could sell fish everyday in market and give its profit to her great-grandchildren. By the way, at first, she thought I was Mr. Leon. LOL.

After almost than an hour, the session was going to end. At the end of the session, Ms. Lucyana led another yells and vowed that KKI would help anyone that need loan, without any constraints with ethnics, religions, or races.

Without further ado after the session had ended, we went to another client’s house. It’s quite far. We had to cross the main road with a lot of big trucks there. The second session was Seminar. Seminar was held in every 6 months. The purpose of seminar was to remind the clients. Because when she asked the clients how much was their savings, everybody giggled. It was disappointing for her. She reminded them of saving. To achieve prosperity, they need to work hard, pray hard, and also saved some amount of money everyday. She also gave an inspiration story that a couple months ago, an old woman, a KKI member took all of her saving. The saving was more than IDR 8 Million! Everybody on that room was amazed by that story. To be honest, I was amazed too! She also challenged everybody to save a very little amount of money everyday. She said that KKI’s not a place that you could only take loan. If you only need loan, just looked for loan shark / ‘bank keliling’. KKI’s different, because its vision was to empower its members to exit poverty permanently. In the end, like the session before, we closed this session by praying.

Seminar I

Seminar I

In the end of that day, I was inspired again by KKI. Every employee including us was gathered in the main office room. We prayed together. Everybody who has problems or something to be prayed could share it to everybody. One of the Field Officers told that one of her clients was ill. After she said that, I really understood that ‘Koperasi Kasih Indonesia’ is not just a name.

I could say that’s the most inspiring day in my life.

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