Month: November 2012

Colosseum: An Exhibition of Incubator Creation from Students and Alumnus of Informatics Engineering


ColosseumBANDUNG, – The association students of Informatics Engineering (HMIF) ITB held an exhibition of their creation on IT. This exhibition is one part of their big event named Colosseum. Except of exhibition, Colosseum also include “a thousand fingers action”, game battle, and live music. The exhibition located in Campus Center ITB on Wednesday to Thursday (09-10/10/12). It catched attention from students in ITB successfully, so many students came to that place and enjoyed that event.

Colsseum HMIF ITB

Colsseum HMIF ITB entrance door

IT Incubator is an association of many IT communities from Informatics Engineering students in ITB which consists of mobile, web, and game communities. In this year, IT Incubator which has developed various applications according to each communities showed off their creation by joining Colosseum. The purpose of this event isn’t only showing off their creativity to people around, but also proving that young generation in Indonesia able to develop creativity on IT.

Colosseum is one of sequel program to celebrate 30 years anniversary of Informatic Engineering ITB. “This exhibition has a similiraty to colosseum. It is figured by a stage of creation on IT by students of Information Engineering ITB. By publishin a slogan “Dream, Innovate, Inspire!”, they hope it can inspire many people to support IT development in Indonesia.

NoLimit ID

NoLimitID, one of startup from Informatics Engineering ITB alumnus

There is six booth which showed creation of students and alumnus of Informatics Engineering ITB. Both of them have cleared the way to have bussiness throug many based technology companies, like Arsanesia, Agate Studio, Mixio BBQ, and etc.

Arsanesia which has been built since April 2011 developed games on mobile phone like Slappillar and Little Tea. It also developed unique games which based on folk stories from Indonesia. One of it is Temple Rush; The Legend of Prambanan Temple. The other company, like Agate Studio also develops game. It is beginned operate since 2009. Fabulously, it has winned many awards like CIMB Clicks Online Entrepreneur Award 2011, Kaskus Favourite Winner of Inaicta 2009, Teknopreneur Award 2010, and etc.

“We hope that this exhibition can be able to inspire many communities to support innovations on IT,” said Leilia.
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